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Oosterwijtwerd, Groningen

0 mi   singletrack

Though the fields

Singletrack route from Gerichtsweg to Bolhuislaan, Oosterwijtwerd, Eemsdelta, Groningen

"Grass and tractor trail track."

0 mi   singletrack

Over het land

Singletrack route from Gerichtsweg to Kerkeweg, Wirdum, Eemsdelta, Groningen

"This route takes you through the fields. Normally, this path is used by tractors so expect trails and soggy conditions when wet."

0 mi   gravel


Gravel route from Gerichtsweg to Gerichtsweg, Oosterwijtwerd, Eemsdelta, Groningen

"Gravel will turn into singletrack/grass after the unguarded railroad crossing. BEWARE: Railroad crossing could be closed due to government regulations and maintenance in order to make this a guarded railroad crossing."