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Linton, England

11 mi   gravel

Linton Circular Gravel Route

Gravel route on , Linton, North Yorkshire, England

"Mostly off road on gravel paths. A few sections on grass/moor/bog between 1.50 miles and 2.80 miles (1.30 miles) and 6.40 miles and 7.10 miles (0.70 miles). The bridleway after passing underneith the railway bridge at Rylestone is very easy to miss but is just after the small outbuilding in the field."

1 mi   singletrack

Chalky Road

Singletrack route from Long Ln to Bartlow Rd, Linton, Essex, England

0 mi   dirt

Longlands Ln to Tripp Ln alternate

Dirt route from Longlands Ln to Trip Ln, Linton, North Yorkshire, England

1 mi   gravel

Coton Park

Gravel route from Sandy Ln to Coton Park, Linton, Derbyshire, England