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Naturita, Colorado

3 mi   gravel

County Road HH31

Gravel route from Hh31 Rd to Hh31 Rd, Nucla, Montrose County, Colorado

"Smooth County Gravel"

3 mi   gravel

P12 Road

Gravel route from P12 Rd to P12 Rd, Gateway, Montrose County, Colorado

"Seasonally graded county road. Steep at the beginning, levels off nicely. Can continue further on P12, or connect to other options. "

12 mi   gravel

Atkinson Creek Loop

Gravel route from S17 Rd to S17 Rd, Uravan, Montrose County, Colorado

"A few loop that puts you up onto the mesa with great views of the Dolores and the La Sals. Can be sandy on the northeast portion of the loop. "

6 mi   dirt


Dirt route from 29W Rd to 29W Rd, Redvale, San Miguel County, Colorado

"Dirt Double Track with a few sections of technical rock. A slow but gradual climb. "

7 mi   gravel

County Road W19 to Z17 Road

Gravel route from W19 Rd to W19 Rd, Uravan, Montrose County, Colorado

"Stout climb on seasonally graded county road. Can be loose and rutted at times. "

10 mi   gravel

County Road FF31 to II35 Road

Gravel route from 3575 Rd to 3575 Rd, Redvale, Montrose County, Colorado

"Fast Gravel with a fun canyon descent towards the end. A great connector to avoid Highway 145. "

7 mi   gravel


Gravel route on CO-90, Naturita, Montrose County, Colorado

"Graded county road. Can be connected into several other options in the area"

8 mi   gravel

V19 Road

Gravel route from V19 Rd to V19 Rd, Naturita, Montrose County, Colorado

"Well packed and traveled double track. Spicy descent to Highway 141"

3 mi   gravel

County Road DD

Gravel route from DD Rd to DD25 Rd, Naturita, Montrose County, Colorado

17 mi   gravel

EE-22 (Long Park Road)

Gravel route on Ee22 Rd, Naturita, Montrose County, Colorado

"Seasonally graded passenger vehicle road. A great access road to several more gravel off shoots up on Sawtooth Mesa. "

13 mi   gravel

Y11 Rd

Gravel route from CO-141 to Y11 Rd, Paradox, Montrose County, Colorado

"Scenic canyon road between Hwy 141 and Hwy 90. Suitable for gravel bikes."