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Buena Vista, Colorado

25 mi   gravel

Arkansas River Trail Buena Vista

Gravel route from River Run Dr to Riverpark Road, Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado

11 mi   gravel

Trail West Drive 306 343

Gravel route from Trail W Dr to Co Rd 344, Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado

10 mi   gravel

Trail West Drive to North Cottonwood Creek Trailhead

Gravel route on Trail W Dr, Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado

153 mi   other

Arkansas Valley Mining Loop

Other route on E Main St, Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado

"A solid three-day bikepacking loop starting in Buena Vista to Salida, Sargents, Pitkin, St. Elmo and back to BV. Camping at established campgrounds at O'Haver and Pitkin CGs. Several sites of Colorado mining history along the way with epic views of the southern end of the Collegiate Peaks. Marshall Pass and Alpine Tunnel are only rideable from early June to early October, depending on snowfall at that altitude. The eastern half of the loop can be ridden April through October for the most part. Resupply in Salida, Sargents, Pitkin general store, St. Elmo general store (seasonal check website) and Princeton Hot Springs store. Very little to zero water between BV and Salida. Some water between Sargents and Princeton Hot Springs. Aspen Ridge between BV and Salida is a bit rocky in spots. The climb from Pitkin to Alpine Tunnel is the highlight of this loop. A bit of hike-a-bike over the closed tunnel to the Colorado Trail, which is pretty rough in spots. Managed to get by with 40mm tires without any issues."

11 mi   gravel

Cottonwood Lake CG via CR343

Gravel route on Co Rd 306, Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado

"This route takes you up to Cottonwood Lake via CR343/344, just off the start of Cottonwood Pass. It is a fairly mellow ride with some decent hills, and plenty of natural scenery and wildlife. The road surface is pretty well maintained, but expect some washboarding. Traffic is moderate for a dirt road during peak summer season. Feel free to continue past the campground if you are seeking more adventure, however the road surface deteriorates rapidly past that point. There is no parking near the start, but starting in town will give you a good chance to warm up before hitting dirt. "

10 mi   gravel


Gravel route from Co Rd 361 to Orion Way, Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado

"This route is relatively short, but provides it's challenges through an assortment of steep climbs and loose, rocky terrain. This road will take you all the way up to the North Cottonwood TH(aka Mt. Columbia and Mt. Harvard TH). Bear in mind that bikes are not allowed past the trailhead. A fun short ride that will get the legs burning, but leave you with plenty of time to enjoy your day around town! 650b recommended! "

12 mi   gravel

CR376/311/375 Loop

Gravel route on Co Rd 375, Buena Vista, Chaffee County, Colorado

"Starting from Buena Vista, this route features short punchy climbs at the start, leveling off gradually and returning back to town via a series of fun, rolling descents. Most of the roads are well maintained, but there are a couple areas of loose dirt and sand. Watch for off-roading vehicles, although you should be able to see/hear them coming from a long way off. Step-by-step starting from Buena Vista: -Head north on CR371(N. Colorado Ave.) for 3 miles -Turn left onto CR375 for 1 Mile, passing Turtle Rocks Campground on your left around the .8 mile mark. -Turn right onto CR376 for 2 Miles -Turn left onto CR311 just after the cattle grates, and continue for 2.3 miles -Stay left to continue onto CR 373 for 1.4 miles -Stay to your left at the fork, crossing over Fourmile Creek and continuing on CR373 for 1.9 miles -The road continues as CR375A for 1.6 miles -Turn left back onto CR375, and enjoy the descent back down past Turtle Rocks. -Turn left onto CR371 and head south straight back to Buena Vista. "