Aaron Duckworth on January 4, 2021
Gravel Route
On Aberdeen Rd, Rising Sun, Ohio County, Indiana
No description provided.
7 overlapping segments.
37.71 miles
456 ft minimum
879 ft maximum
2,598 ft gain
2,595 ft loss

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 Eric Randall
2 weeks ago
Enjoyed exploring this route on Saturday morning. I'd say it's about 15% gravel roads. The paved roads were good fun though. Takes about 45 minutes to slab over from Northern Kentucky.
on March 27, 2021
This route is about 40% gravel, mixed with somewhat twisty paved backroads and state highway. There are some stream crossings with bridges that may be submerged in high water. A Fun Route!
 Dave Teetz
on February 21, 2021
Enjoyed the route. A bit more ice than I had hoped, but made it without difficulty.
 Justin Ratliff
on February 1, 2021
What percentage of this is gravel?