Charlie Mills on October 24, 2020
Gravel Route
From SE Reinig Rd to 428th Ave SE, Snoqualmie, King County, Washington
Watch out for logging trucks, and get out of the road if you see or hear one. Otherwise the gravel is pretty straightforward. Some nice views at the end.
38.13 miles
135 ft minimum
1,266 ft maximum
2,503 ft gain
2,484 ft loss

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 Pat Taylor
on June 19, 2021
Rode this today, June 19th. What a great ride! Don't forget to buy a pass, and don't be put off by the multitude of NO TRESPASSING signs at the first gate. No seriously steep climbs on the route, and there is a great viewpoint around mile 26, which makes an excellent point to stop for a nutrition break. Will definitely be doing this again!
 Peter Small
on January 23, 2021
We got off the dirt county road north of Ernies Grove onto Campbell Global private land... when stopped by security they explained that there was like a 100,000 acres and 1,000 miles of dirt roads - but that we need to get a pass online at and he turned us back.
 Rick Corlett
on November 21, 2020
Rode this route today since it was so nice out and wanted to try something new. Did not care for about the first 10 miles of road. It was a mix of potholes, closed down target shooting pits, beer cans and lots of vehicles going by you. After you make a left and hop the gate onto the next road it was fantastic from there. Was alone for an hour and a half and had a nice ride all the way to where it drops you down on the SVT. I might do this route again. Definitely a good workout. In the future I might do a little leg warmup at the car. Wasn't ready for that hill!
on November 8, 2020
Yes permit required, but totally worth the $10 price of admission. (Purchase it here: ) I highly recommend doing the loop clockwise as shown. The initial section on the Snoqualmie Valley Trail is a good warmup, and goes over a couple interesting bridges. Shortly after you turn right onto the private dirt road (mile 12), the road forks. Keep left at the fork (mile 14) and head up the hill, then don't be put off by the large signs saying private land (because, you have bought a permit, right?). You'll climb over a couple yellow gates along the way. The gravel is pretty smooth thanks to the logging trucks (I didn't encounter any on a Saturday in November). The climb is gentle for the most part. The pay off at the end is the nice view of Mt. Si and a nice steep descent back onto the paved roads. This is a great ride. Thank you Charlie Mills!
on October 30, 2020
Tokul is private but you can print permits out online by the day or the season. Please keep with you whenever you ride as they are likely to shut down the area to both gravel and MTB-ers if people are riding w/o paying
on October 26, 2020
afaik, this route is on private CG land - permit required.