Dale Trexel on September 22, 2019
On Lofton Ave N, Stillwater, Washington County, Minnesota
Matt Peter's "Hero Gravel" route: https://www.strava.com/activities/2731447356/segments/68238932795
62 overlapping routes.
51.17 miles
843 ft minimum
1,027 ft maximum
1,673 ft gain
1,654 ft loss

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 Jason Hedlund
2 days ago
Agreed. Not all gravel. This site should only display gravel segments. Not routes that include gravel.
 Dale Trexel
on September 22, 2019
Not all gravel, I think. Still confused about this site: does the "Import route" tool assume the entire route is gravel? What if your goal is to see how much of a route is gravel?