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Zürich, Zürich

77 mi   gravel

Gravel Grindeur Zürich

Gravel route on , Zürich, Zürich, Zürich

"copyright: http://gravelgrindeur.ch"

27 mi   gravel

Zürich Oerlikon - Zürich West

Gravel route from Hardturmstrasse to Hardturmstrasse, Zürich, Zürich, Zürich

"On pavement between km5 an km13, but quiet cycle route without cars. On weekends, it can be bit crowded (pedestrians, dogs, runners, cyclists..) on the last kilometers along the Limmat river, between Schlieren and Zurich."

26 mi   gravel


Gravel route on Zollikerstrasse, Zürich, Zürich, Zürich

"Beautiful outlook onto Lake Zurich and Greifensee. Very crowded area...."

83 mi   gravel

Biel - Zurich

Gravel route from Jakob-Stämpfli-Strasse to Hardturmstrasse, Zürich, Zürich, Zürich

55 mi   gravel

Lucerne - Zurich (via Baden)

Gravel route from Hardturmstrasse to Hardturmstrasse, Zürich, Zürich, Zürich

4 mi   gravel

Zürich - Adlisberg - Greifensee

Gravel route from Biberlinstrasse to Schwandlenstrasse, Fällanden, Uster, Zürich

"some singeltrack and dirt, good to have basic mtb skills"

7 mi   gravel

Greifensee - Aufhof Zürich

Gravel route from Furrenweg to Überland Str., Zürich, Zürich, Zürich

8 mi   singletrack

Altberg - Gubrist Trail

Singletrack route from Landstrasse to Kappenbühlstrasse, Zürich, Zürich, Zürich

"good to have some MTB skills ..."

24 mi   gravel


Gravel route on Gfellstrasse, Zürich, Zürich, Zürich

"Along the Sihl river approx. 30% pavement. Sihlwald is a wildlife park, stay on the bike path and check https://wildnispark.ch/en/"